The Magic Of Viral Marketing
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Learn New Tactics

Learn new ways to grow your affiliate team on autopilot.

Easy Earning Referral Program

Simple strategies to grow an enormous affiliate network.

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The cost of our eBook plus advertising credits is $20.

Global Opportunity For All

Beginners and Veterans from around the world will succeed.

Why Join Buck Magic Network?

Are you an affiliate marketer who is tired of joining program after program and only earning a little here and a little there? With our system we put the "EASY" back in earning money online. Our eBook, with the help of our support staff, your sponsor, and admin will guide you through an easy way to build a solid network of affiliate marketers using simple viral techniques.

There is no magic formula or some complicated algorithm that you have to learn in order to succeed. This is something anyone can do. You just need a willingness to try your best, be able to learn and apply the teachings you will receive, and not give up if there is something you do not understand.

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Quality Advertising Tactics

Learn how to write better email invitations to your prospects so you may grow as a team through interaction.

Free Autoresponder & Training

Lock in your leads in your very own autoresponder using shared, professional designed looking Lead Capture Pages.

Automated Withdrawal Process

All income earned is paid out daily regardless of the amount earned through our affiliate program and paid out in Tron Cryptocurrency.

Powerful Affiliate Program

Build as an individual, earn as a power network. You can earn up to 10 levels deep on 8 separate tiers (Review Comp Plan Here)

Earn Up To 10 Levels Deep.

Our referral program is one of the best compensation plans around. It leverages the power of viral growth with functionality focused on individual efforts as well as network team building.

With our payment system you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor as your network grows on autopilot once your foundation is set up.
You can earn from 8 Tiers, up to 10 Levels deep:

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